Saturday, 15 October 2011





    Skilax 5 mg Tablets

        Skilax Drops

        Amount  of
(Sodium Picosulphate)

               5 mg

             7.5 mg

Skilax is not suitable for the following patients:

  • Patients suffering from bowel obstruction
  • Patients having a swelled appendix
  • Patients allergic to sodium picosulphate
  • Patients suffering for hereditary fructose intolerance
  • Children below the age of 10 years

It is advisable to discontinue the use of this medicine after a certain interval. Skilax should be administered for longer interval only under the guidance of a doctor.

Skilax should be used during pregnancy only when the benefits outweigh the risks.

Skilax should not be used by breast-feeding mothers.

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