Friday, 28 September 2012

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever - a viral disease caused by mosquitoes.

There are four major viruses causes dengue fever.
As indicated by its name the disease is characterized by high fever coupled with headache and body pain. The patients feels uneasy.

Special Features:

  • Dengue Fever is more prevalent in healthier babies and compared to weaker babies.
  • Dengue Fever attacks more on women than men.
  • Dengue Fever can prove fatal in patients already suffering from any other long-lasting diseases (such as diabetes).

Till date, the best cure is by means of protecting yourself from this disease.

In Pakistan, dengue disease firstly spread in mid nineties. But the current situation is the most alarming. These days, dengue fever is claiming several souls on daily basis. Lahore is by far the worst struck area and polls show that more than 90% of the nationwide dengue patients are Lahorities.

Despite the subsidized blood screening programs, creating dispensaries in rural areas, fumigation plans and creation of public awareness, dengue fever is yet encroaching to the other parts of Punjab after devastating Lahore.

Provincial Government Officials have claimed to have imported anti-dengue fever equipment from Germany. But the Sri Lankan experts that are due to visit Pakistan for anti-dengue fever campaign, claim that the elimination of dengue fever from Pakistan will require at least a decade of efforts.

Right now, we need awareness among all of the Pakistanis to make eradication of dengue fever from Pakistan possible. We should follow the footsteps of Sri Lanka - a nation that has fought with dengue for the last 30 years. They have even passed a law whereby an person defaulting with the cleanliness policies (that minimize dengue attacks) would be penalized.

And this dengue fever concern is deepened by the ongoing electricity breakdowns - since in the absence of light humans become more vulnerable to mosquito bites. In such situations, mosquito repellents must be used to reduce the risks of dengue fever.

Here it is also worth mentioning the dengue fever fastens up in areas having heavy rainfalls. This is quite evident in case of Lahore - since the city witnessed heavy rainfalls some days back. We should better take a lesson from this, and we should be better prepared in the next rainy season. Next time, rain water should be promptly drained out and swimming pools (as very quite prevalent through out Lahore) should be avoided.

Spread this message to all of your friends and stay safe.

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