Sunday, 18 September 2011

Is Yoga For Elites Only?

Yoga is a corroboration of physical and mental exercise used to attain an unmitigated state of calmness and serenity. It achieves the state of free-mindedness by practicing a physical posture in which one crosses ones legs, places ones arms over them and empties all thoughts from ones mind.

But such alternate therapies are most enthusing among the elites and these 'neglected spheres of knowledge' have no future!. And the reason behind this is the misunderstanding of the entire concept of Yoga.

You would have often heard someone say that he/she allots one hour daily to yoga. And their lies the tragedy. How can you be free-minded when you know that you have only one hour to spend on yoga. Time factor will always be ticking in your mind. Nowadays, yoga exercises are performed for a particular purpose. For instance, individuals might perform yoga to be financially secure. This again hurts the concept of yoga, which emphasizes on being free-minded.

If we change our concept about yoga and consider it as a stress-relieving technique, we all might be able to adopt the habit of yoga. It will help this 'vast sphere of knowledge' to be exercised by everyone.

Helpful tips to incorporate yoga into our life:

If you are already doing some kind of exercise e.g Karate, try to integrate yoga with it as well.
Try to exercise yoga to alleviate yourself from your deficiencies and fears e.g try to exercise yoga to overcome your fear during travelling.
Try not to quantify your exertion in yoga - but instead try to focus on the quality of time spent in yoga. For instance, if you can't free your mind for one complete hour - it's a waste of time. But if you can spend 10 minutes free-minded, you might achieve a lot.

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