Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fucithalmic Eye-Drops

Viscous Eye-Drops

Fucithalmic is a 1% aqueous controlled-release formulation of fusidic acid, preserved with ADBAC. Fucithalmic is free from microscopic organisms.

Fucithalmic works against various bacteria that cause eye diseases.

Fucithalmic fills in well into the aqueous humour - a watery substance that fills the distance between the lens and cornea.

The droplets should be diffused into the eye one drop at a time twice a day. And these droplets should be applied continuously for at least two days after the curing of the eye infection.

Fucithalmic eye-drops should not be used by patients allergic to any constituent of the medicine. Moreover, avoid using lenses while administering this medication.

Fucithalmic eye-drops are suitable for use within one month of opening.

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